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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 30, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm kris sanchez. coming up on "today in the bay," from corporate greed to police brutality, how the focus of occupy oakland is morphing and drawing national attention. surviving a shark attack. a surfer is alive this morning after an encounter with a great white in the monterey bay. and rest in peace. a hells angels member gunned down during a funeral is buried amid heavy police presence. this is "today in the bay." and there's a live picture.
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it is the golden gate bridge. still dark outside. sunrise about a half hour away. what a nice day it's going to be when the sun finally comes up. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm kris sanchez look with meteorologist rob maye dda. what a nice weekend to forecast. >> it is. we're going to see gorgeous weather today. we have low clouds returning on the coast. it's going to run a little cooler today. we're going to see temperatures in the 60s to near 70 in san francisco. still mid to upper 70s. inland, closer to 80 in fairfield. the seven-day forecast not only includes a lot of wind, but a real taste of winter. november with maybe five rs at the end of is coming up at the end of the seven h-day forecast. >> all right. can't wait. thank you, rob. occupy protests continue. now many cities are looking to see how oakland is handling what is becoming an increasingly tense situation between protesters and police. organizers are calling for a general strike on wednesday, and
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activists are asking businesses to shut their doors from chinatown to the fruitdale district and join their movement. last night, protesters marched through downtown oakland. a window at a police recruiting station was smashed during the march, but there are no reports of any arrests. more people are joining this movement, including the family members of oscar grant and military veterans. they were moved after seeing iraqi war vet scott olsen critically injured during a police crackdown last week. >> scott olsen is a good example of the police brutality. the underlying threat to this whole movement has to do with police brutality. >> our message to the police is hands off the vets. >> organizers very occupy oakland say they are also planning to march to the port of oakland and shut it down as part of their wednesday general strike as well. this morning, the oakland
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mayor calls for a general strike on an official-looking city website, but the only problem is the mayor's staff says that site is a fake. take a look yourself. looks pretty official at first glance, but the site is the city's official website is the imposter website boasts a letter allegedly penned by the mayor in which she supports the occupy movement and calls for a general strike. the mayor's office denies these claims and calls them bogus. we are still trying to track down who created that fake website. >> we, the people, want to occupy the economy that is ours. this is a democracy. [ cheers and applause ] it's as simple as that. we're demanding democracy. this is our democracy movement. >> filmmaker michael moore once again supported occupy protesters. this time in san francisco. he praised the demonstrators and
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encouraged them to keep speaking out. a march was later held, which snaked through city streets. no reports of any disturbances or arrests. moore visited the occupy oakland site as well. at ocean beach, a very visual occupy message. about a thousand activists used their bodies to spell out the message "tax the 1%." they're part of the group called "the other 98%" that pre-dates the wall street movement. the timing here is perfect. here's the final product. what they say is a call to the president for a top 1% of americans to pay more in taxes. now to a story that may drive you away from the beach today. a 27-year-old monterey surfer is waking up in a hospital room this morning 24 hours after a shark attacked him off the coast of northern monterey county. the shark attacked eric tarantino around 7:15 yesterday morning, minutes after he and a friend entered the water.
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the shark bit tarantino on the neck, barely missing his jugular vein. the shark also bit his right forearm. tarantino's friend helped him out of the water, then other surfers used beach towels to help stop the bleeding. when paramedics arrived, they called in a hell continuer to fly him to san jose's regional medical center. >> fortunately, he didn't hit any of the main arteries of his neck. he did have some muscular damage of his neck. >> the surgeons say he should fully recover from the attack. meanwhile, local officials will keep an eye on the waters for the next seven days. postings went up at area beaches warning people not to get into the water. experts say it is hard to tell whether the shark that attacked tarantino is this one, which was spotted off sea cliff state beach near santa cruz on wednesday. a hells angels biker was buried peacefully after he was
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shot and killed at the funeral of another biker at that very same cemetery. many san jose police officers were called in earlier on their days off to cover that funeral for former marine and santa cruz he hells angels member. only invited guests were allowed inside for the service. san jose police wouldn't say exactly how many officers were on duty, but they had a very obvious presence. >> we did have a larger contingent of officers assigned, particularly for this event based on what happened two weeks ago. >> meantime, police are still looking for hells angels member stephen ruiz. he's wanted in connection with the murder. family and friends of a missing san diego county man who traveled to san francisco earlier this month on business continue to search for him here in the bay area this morning. they say it is a matter of life and death. family members say 29-year-old cameron remmer is bipolar and
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recently stopped taking his medication. he was in town for a business meet aing earlier this month, but hasn't been in touch with friends or family since october 6th. he was spotted briefly last week walking around fisherman's wharf. relatives from around the country are in town trying to find him. >> cameron is bipolar with psychotic features and it's believed he's had episodes leading up to his trip out here, to his visit out here. >> his family is asking anyone who thinks they may have seen him to contact police. coming up on "today in the bay," it is snow-tober on the east coast. an unseasonable storm is forcing several states to declare emergencies. we'll take a closer look at the conditions there. also ahead, food trucks to the next level. we'll show you the bay area shop that brings wheeled kitchens to
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life. first, here's a look at some of the things happening across the nation, including a duash nri a clash during an occupyrostte in colorado.
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three tons of cargo is speeding through space on its way to the international space station this morning. a russian rocket called the progress m-13 launched earlier today. the unmanned spacecraft will dock with the space station unwednesday. the reason this morning's launch is noteworthy is because it is paving the way for a manned launch of a progress twin rocket. that one's on stand by. it is the first launch of a progress rocket since the crash in august when the rocket's third stage engine shut down prematurely. an occupy protest, a gas explosion, an airline shut down, and a snowy situation on the east coast. all part of our look at news making headlines across the nation. to denver now where police and occupy protesters clashed after officials say they could not set
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up tents there. officer fired what amounts to paintballs filled with pepper spray. in the end, 20 people were arrested. two people face possible felony charges for assaulting a police officer. in upstate new york, a woman died after a suspected natural gas explosion levelled her home. the explosion destroyed the house last night. people more than five miles a away say they felt that blast. crews are now checking to see if a gas smell reported in the area just before may be to blame. and at los angeles international airport, jets are parked at the terminal. the australian airline abruptly grounded its entire fleet around the world because of a labor dispu dispute. as you know, qantas serves san jose international airport as well. now, thousands of travelers are scrambling to find flights to their destinations. travelers are stuck for a
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different reason in the east. they spent more than seven hours stuck on a plane after their flight from florida to new jersey was diverted to connecticut. jet blue flight 504 landed after it was diverted away from newark because of the terrible weather there. the flight was one of 23 passenger jets diverted to the airport yesterday afternoon. and we still have more ahead on "today in the bay." a powerful snow storm puts a freeze on the east coast. you just got a preview. we'll show you how four states have declared emergencies and why several people died. we'll take a closer look at what's happening from the mid atlantic to new england. and pirates in the south bay? we'll show you some food trucks that are equipped to serve all kinds of different cuisines as well. and here's a look at the bay bridge. nothing but clear skies for now. we've some big changes in your weather, especy by
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weekend. we'll talk more about that when we come right back. state farm. this is jessica.
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you don't have to wait for halloween for a little spooky fun or dress-up fun. let's start with a 50-foot pirate ship, which is on church drive in san jose. it's huge. it spans two driveways and is complete with dummy pirates and sand as if the pirate ship stranded itself on a beach. the cool part is neighbors came together to build this thing from scratch over the course of nine weeks. >> a lot of hours, and everybody's got their fingerprint on it. all the neighbors have been wonderful, donating individual things they have. the neat thing about this is it's probably 95% green. it's all scrap stuff or stuff people don't want anymore. we try to recreate things with the donations of materials. >> talk about community building. the pirate ship will be on display right through halloween night. to some scary halloween weather for friends and colleagues on the east coast.
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early and heavy snow from the mid-atlantic to new england is being blamed for at least three deaths there. before we get our local forecast from rob mayeda, we'll get a closer look at what many people are calling snow-tober. nbc's brian thompson reports from one of the hardest hit areas of new jersey. >> reporter: this falling branch was repeated over and over again throughout the tri-state. watch again as heavy snow sends it earthbound. this was the result, streets blocked off. the driver of this car was lucky to escape with her life. look at the windshield. listen to her escape. >> someone was watching over me because i was not hurt at all. >> but the tree fell on you while you were moving. >> correct. >> and so you got out by crawling through the passenger door? >> yeah, crawling out of the front passenger door. >> reporter: a little later, dpw crews went to work on this tree as it was totally blocking queen
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ann, an important secondary road here. not far away, this man was moving his car, fearful of an overhead power line like this one we found nearby all taken down by fallen branches. >> dropping left an right. it's like fireworks going off. >> reporter: elsewhere, the damage was done. homes assaulted by trees. then we found this stalled car being pushed by good samaritans, including an nj transit bus driver out of necessary si. >> you wanted to turn on that street? >> exactly, but i have a customer. >> so you had to move that car? >> i had no choice. >> reporter: and off he went. able to make a turn needed thanks to queen ann road being closed. >> and that was nbc's brian thompson reporting from new jersey. officials say the storm has knocked out power to more than 2 million homes from new jersey to maryland. now rob mayeda's here with a look at a forecast that is so much more pleasant. >> indeed, around here.
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good news for the northeast. the nor'easter is moving fairly quickly. right now, it's almost cleared cape cod. it's heading up to maine. today we'll probably see less travel delays across the northeast as the system continues to move on out. we may get a taste of winter weather toward the end of our seven-day forecast. we'll have a look at that coming up if a moment. this morning, 40s and 50s outside. it's chilly outside. as we get those low clouds and a sea breeze picking up this afternoon, the coast will be running a little cooler. for now, not much of a sea breeze. winds slightly offshore at 8 miles per hour. for the morning, we have the low close reproaching for parts of the coastline. today, easily the warmest day we're going to see for the week ahead. by halloween, we'll see a few extra low clouds but cooler and dry. tuesday, very windy and dry. after that, things get really interesting come thursday and friday. right now, no major weather systems near the bay area.
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you can see we have one system here that will drop down on the east side of sierra tomorrow. that will cool us off. bigger changes in the gulf of alaska. that will drive our temperatures down come thursday and friday. halloween will be fine. we'll have to watch the winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour. that's a dry and breezy pattern. we could see fire weather watches. thursday and friday, big dip in the jet stream here. high pressure off to the west and cold air spilling out of the gulf of alaska is going to drop over the bay area. so good-bye 70s to near 80-degree temperatures like we've seen this weekend. by thursday and friday, highs very likely in the upper 50s to low 60s. a big drop in temperatures. and yes, some showers part of the forecast. maybe, surprisingly, low snow levels, especially out toward the sooeier rierrasierras.
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we'll see mid to upper 70s for most places inland. just a bit cooler for the coast today. we'll see those numbers in the 60s and 70s. your seven-day forecast looks spooktacular for halloween. look at those numbers next weekend. it is going to feel like january. much cooler. maybe some showers later in the week. >> i've been waiting to wear the new sweater. >> this week will be good for that. >> sweater and a scarf and mitt tens. thank you, rob. more of us are buying cars and company payrolls are on the rise. here's a look at what else to watch for this week in the world of business. >> reporter: the nation's jobless rate is stuck at 9.1%, but with signs that payrolls have been rising, hope is growing that the october jobs report this friday may show a little relief. slow but steady growth helped the economy rise at a rate of 2.5% during the summer month. a lot of that was thanks to higher auto sales.
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more corporate profit reports out this week. we'll hear from kraft foods, pfizer, kelloggs, sony, and more. the federal reserve holds a two-day policy meeting deciding whether to make any changes to benchmark interest rates. if the central bank as anymore stimulus plans they can implement to jump start the economy. the days of the $1 dvd are going fast. rentals are going up to $1.20. with nasa's space shuttle program over, visitors to the kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida, will be able to walk into the building where the ships were assembled for launch. the tours will take place eight times a day. be sure to send birthday wishes to the oldest woman in new york city this week. the statue of liberty. she turns 125 years old on friday. the next day, it will close for a year's worth of safety upgrades. get all your business news on
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cnbc. >> you can also get your business news and tech news before the bell weekdays on "today in the bay." we get the day started at 4:30 in the morning. still ahead on "today in the bay," occupy protesters take up another cause, police brutality. what they want local businesses to do to back them up. also coming up, a shark attack in the monterey bay. we'll show you how a surfer survived an encounter with a great white. but first, we'll take you to hayward where food trucks are made to order. to ring ring
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hello, progresso.
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it fits! fantastic! ring ring] progresso. they fit! awesome thank you ring, ring [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? you don't understand. i've been eating progresso because there's... 40 flavors 100 calories or less and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. as streets grow more complex, so are the tiny kitchens in the food trucks. >> reporter: food truck fair is creative and increasingly high brow. >> i think it's more of a move towards gourmet. >> reporter: outside, a high-end stereo system. inside a $10,000 pressure fryer.
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>> i can say like 99.9% of the trucks sell mexican and american food. now for the last few years, we haven't made any of those trucks. >> reporter: he went from making about six trucks a year to making two or three trucks a month. he's hired eight more employees to serve customers as diverse as their cuisine. >> we have different types of customers. we now have from engineers to real estate agents. >> reporter: those different backgrounds mean specific requests. this is the brain child of an architect turned chef. >> you're coming here that eat food, comfort food, but also to get a good ambience. >> i've got these two phenomenal convection ovens. they work beautifully. just perfection. >> reporter: under the hood of the blastoff truck, a little
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evidence of the linen truck it was born to be. in the back, a custom feature only an experienced chef would think of. >> it lifts up. you can literally scrub and hose down the inside of the truck. >> reporter: a lot of folks are jumping on to the food truck bandwagon because they aren't ready for a traditional restaurant. this is still quite an investment. a basic model catering truck will run about $60,000. once you start adding in all the special bells and whistles, it can quickly run to $100,000. but at the end of the day, the kitchen is just the kitchen. what really matters is the food. >> the favorite feature is our food. >> reporter: some of the chefs say the crew has made their dreams come true. he says it goes both ways. >> we're proud when we see these. it's like a dream. >> we showed you that $10,000 deep fryer. he also put in a giant ceramic oven imported for baking bread. the only thing he can't do is
7:27 am
charcoal. everything else, he's willing to give a try. when we return, a surfer survives a shark attack in the monterey bay. what his friends did to make sure he lived to tell that story himself. and in the south bay, a hells angels biker is buried at the very cemetery where he was gunned down. what police say about the thousands of bikers who paid their respects. and what started as a movement against corporate greed is once again morphing in oakland. whatisct ats are calling for now. if you want less, you can always have less.
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and what a beautiful way to start the day looking at the trans-america building. a little bit of pink sky above the blue sky or below the blue sky. it's going to be a nice day. thanks so much for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda.
7:30 am
i know a lot of you are watching for the halloween forecast. it's a busy weekend. >> the timing is working out pretty nice. yesterday, we had 70s. today, on our way to another warm afternoon. cool 40s and 50s through 8:00. lunchtime, should already be in the 70s. san francisco, close to 70 today. fairfield, close to 80. nice and warm inland. we'll fast forward into tomorrow evening, halloween. you can see those temperatures. 60s and 70s around 5:00. through trick-or-treat time, probably 60s for most of trick-or-treaters. not only no rain, but not quite as cold as some had halloweens have been. tomorrow we're fine. the end of the seven-day forecast, some changes probably scarier than those ghosts. we'll talk about a taste of winter coming our way in the full forecast. >> all right. well, we're happy to hear about the halloween costume. >> we need to see pictures next weekend. >> thank you, rob.
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occupy oakland protesters are rallying local businesses to now join their cause. organizers are planning for a general strike on wednesday. activists are asking businesses to join their movement and close their doors from chinatown to the fruit vail district. last night, protesters marched through downtown oakland. a window at a police recruiting station was smashed during the march, and there was a brief confrontation with officers, but no reports of any arrests. occupy protesters say more people are joining the movement, including family members of oscar grant and military veterans who were moved after seeing iraqi war vet scott olsen as he was critically injured during a police crackdown last week. >> scott olsen is a good example of the police brutality. the underlying threat to this whole movement has to do with police brutality. >> our message to the police is hands off the vets. >> organizers for occupy oakland say they are also planning to march to the port of oakland and try to shut it down as part of
7:32 am
their wednesday general strike. we'll be on that one. >> we, the people, want to occupy the economy that is ours. this is a democracy. [ cheers and applause ] it's as simple as that. we're demanding democracy. this is our democracy movement. >> filmmaker michael moore paid a visit with occupy protesters in san francisco yesterday. he praised the demonstrators and encouraged them to continue speaking out. a march was held later on, which snaked through city streets. no reports of any disturbances or arrests. michael moore also visited the folks in oakland. occupy protesters found a unique way to spread their message at ocean beach yesterday. using their bodies, the activists formed a human banner. about a thousand people arranged themselves to spell out the word "tax the 1%." organizers say this was planned well before the occupy movement started but that the timing was
7:33 am
perfect. a 27-year-old monterey surfer is recooperating this morning after a shark attack. the shark attacked eric tarantino around 7:15 yesterday morning minutes after he and a friend entered the waters of the monterey bay. that shark bit tarantino on the neck, barely missing his jugular vein. he was also bitten on his right forearm. his friend helped him out of the water. he and other surfers used beach towels to try to stop the bleeding. paramedics decided to have tarantino flown to regional medical center in san jose for treatment. >> fortunately, he didn't hit any of the great vessels of his neck. they were spared. he did have some muscular damage of the neck. >> the surgeons say he will recover from that attack. meantime, local officials will keep an eye on the water there for the next seven days.
7:34 am
also, postings went up at beaches along the immediate coastline warning people not to go into the water. no one is certain whether the shark that attacked tarantino is this one, which was spotted by a tourist helicopter off sea cliff beach on wednesday. members of the hells angels buried one of their own in san jose amid heavy police presence. a funeral was held yesterday for the former marine. he was buried at the same cemetery where he was shot and killed while attending the funeral of another hells angels member. a thousand bikers road into town for the ceremony, but only invited guests were allowed to stay for the service. there was a heavy police presence, though no violence was reported. >> we did have a larger contingent of officer assigned, particularly for this event based on what happened two weeks ago. >> police suspect this is the man who killed him. they are looking for steven ruiz, also a hells angels
7:35 am
member. he's wanted in connection with that homicide. well, he's been missing for three weeks. a san diego man in bay area for business vanished. his friend and family continue searching for him this morning, and they say it is a matter of life and death. family members say 29-year-old cameron remmer is bipolar and recently stopped taking his medication. he was in town attending a business meeting earlier this month, but no one has heard from him since october 6th. he was seen briefly last thursday walking around fisherman's wharf muttering to himself and wearing two different shoes. he was asked to leave his hotel because of his strange behavior. now family from around the country is in town trying to find him. >> cameron is bipolar with psychotic features. it's believed he's had some episodes leading up to his trip out here. >> and his family is asking anyone who thinks they may have
7:36 am
seen him to contact police. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc bay area political an cy analyst larry gerston joins us. mc elconn mclcoelil wll walking along the san francisco trail and show us how far it's come.
7:37 am
7:38 am
we are getting closer to being able to bike, walk, or run all the way around the san francisco bay. the 500-mile trail has been in the works since the late 1980s. two decades later, the trail stretches 313 miles. today in the bay's doug mcconnell takes us for a stroll. >> some people think about some of the most beautiful things in the bay area. 90% of them are within walking distance of the bay trail. >> reporter: she has walked 1,000 miles around the bay, documents what she sees on her website, walking the bay. >> if i can do it, you can do it. i just really hope that a lot
7:39 am
more people are inspired to get outside and walk the bay trail. >> my favorite thing about bay trail is seeing people using the bay trail. >> reporter: laura thompson manages the development of the bay trail for the association of bay area governments and its many partners. >> watching the community members enjoy this open space and this resource we've created gives me a lot of satisfaction. >> there's not a place i've walked on the bay trail where there's not something fantastic. >> reporter: they know that the bay trail leads to thousands of acres of old salt ponds now being restored and teeming with many species of waterfowl in their seasonal displays. >> it's just fantastic. great opportunity for anyone interesting. wildlife, getting exercise, fresh air. it's free. >> reporter: the bay trail guides us to history too. past a quiet and abandoned old marina and the back door of the legendary moffitt field. >> there are views you get on
7:40 am
the bay side and the land side. >> you can't get them anywhere else. >> reporter: creating the bay trail over the past two decades has been a huge undertaking. all nine counties involved, involving 47 cities and many businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations, and concerned citizens working to give us all easy access to the bay, to nature, and to history in our own backyard. >> i think it requires persistence. that's definitely been the case over the last 22 years. >> reporter: that persistence involving many partners will pay off soon when this urban stretch along the open estuary gets a little longer. this gate will come down and new section of the bay trail will offer a bit more public access to the water's edge. >> the ribbon cuttings are my favorite part of the job. it's a sense of accomplishment and moving on towards the other gaps that need to be completed. >> reporter: another job that's about to be completed is near existing legs of the trail in richmond. for an active industrial portion
7:41 am
of the bay shoreline will be open to the public for the very first time. near a wetland and the chevron refinery, we'll all be able to pass by a forest of solar panels that help power a west county water treatment plant on a part of the trail managed by east bay parks. >> it's great we're able to support the waste water district in supporting their story while they're supporting us and telling our story. >> reporter: mile by mile, this is a trail of many parts being formed that thewill one day entirely circle the san francisco bay. >> that was doug mcconnell reporting. the remaining miles will be filled piece by piece. the estimated cost, about $150 million. in two minutes, we're going to talka synnd at ha wethol failure means for the bay area and the president.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
questions regarding the failure of solyndra just aren't going away. the solar panel company declared bankruptcy months after receiving $527 million in federal loans. this leads people to ask, was solyndra simply a bad investment or an obama boondoggle gone bad? nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston is here. with the economy being what it is and unemployment being what it is, why are we still talking about solyndra? >> this is hardly the time that the united states government can afford to waste money. $527 million. that raises a few hairs. that can build many bridges and roads. you can reduce some of the annual deficit. you put it together, and critics point to a shotty, oversight system.
7:45 am
maybe just political favoritism at worst. it's got a lot of people thinking. >> this all came about because we have a solar energy loan program. let's talk about why this exists in the first place. >> i think that's important to do. we have to connect a few dots here. we don't want to lose sight of the big picture. the united states spends, get this, more than $500 billion annually just to import foreign oil. that's $500 billion we could sorely use at home. at the same time, the united states shares of the solar energy market has plummeted to just 6% today. we're looking for things to do regarding solar energy. most people blame that turn of events on china's huge $30 billion annually. that's their annual investment in solar energy. in 2005, president george w. bush signed a law to pro vieding
7:46 am
government loans for energy companies. the obama administration takes this program and expanded it as part of the economic recovery act. solyndra received one of those loans. that company flopped. >> was that the biggest loan? >> i think it is. >> it is, right? >> there have been several loans, of course, to several companies. most of them very well. in this case, i think that's the biggest loan. >> it is tough to drive past it on the freeway. you still see that big sign. the question is, is anybody really guilty of corruption here? was this just really, we're so excited, we're trying to rush it through? >> that's where this energy and jobs issue becomes political. a lot of republicans believe the obama administration was negligent if not corrupt in the way it managed the solyndra deal. democrats counter that this was one of those investments along
7:47 am
with at least two others of the 30 energy renewable projects that went bad. either way, this issue could well be part of the 2012 election. no doubt about that. it represents the potential of scandal for democrats. so it's part of a larger picture, finding high-tech jobs for americans, and even if some efforts fail, people say you still have to do what you can to get off of this energy dependence. that's what we're working toward. >> all right. you can always get more of larry's political insight any time. just do a search. thank you,ning us this morning jning us. this morning. we'll be right back.
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good morning. there's lots to do today in the bay. for the 11th year, the children's garden will host halloween hoopla dance and parade for kids hosted by unique derek, over there. and music by project over here
7:50 am
and eco friendly crafts over on this side. now, kids under 10, there's a costume parade for you guys. looks like a bash. maybe this year your costume could be pet adopter. try it out in oakland. join in on a howling good time at the spca's trick-or-treat event. they'll have games, craft, and some great animals there. shelter dogs do tricks for treats. many of them are up for adoption. and do pets warm your heart? let me tell you, this warms my heart. star trek. trek or treat today going on the at retrodome. the original team in the second, third and fourth movies starting at 2:15 this afternoon. by the way, star trek ii, totally has a trick-or-treat message. the good of the many outweigh the good of the few or the one. right? so if you see a bowl of candy
7:51 am
and it's left on the porch, take just one and leave some for the many. live long and have a great today in the bay. >> thanks, mike. let's show you what's going on in terms of the weather around the bay area today for your plans in and around the bay. looks gorgeous right now. san francisco at 57. not much of a sea breeze just yet. notice no low clouds. that will change during the afternoon. right now, 54 in oakland. sunshine. not much wind there either. san jose, a slight breeze out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour. currently 51. we will see today easily being the warmest day of the next seven days. right now, 40s and 50s outside. not quite as cold as yesterday morning. we're seeing a little more moisture in the air. that tends to act like a blanket and keep temperatures up a couple degrees. no 30s out there this morning. still, obviously you need a light jacket if you're going to be running outdoors. northeast wind at 8 in
7:52 am
fairfield. look for these winds to turn onshore this afternoon, which will pull more low clouds for the coast. halloween looks just fine. it's going to be dry. a little cooler as the sea breeze turns stronger. then some offshore winds followed up by a winter-like blast of air, we think, coming in for thursday and friday. west coast view around the bay area doesn't show a whole lot. we have high pressure here off to the west. a weak system that's going to drop up and over northern california and dive down east of the sierra. that's why we'll see cooling into tomorrow and the reason why come tuesday we're going to have to watch out. i think right around tuesday evening and tuesday night for maybe fire danger concerns. we're talking north to northeast winds. these are breezy and dry conditions for our bay area hill tops tuesday night into wednesday. thursday and friday, air canada starts to drop on in. we're going to see that northwest flow dropping out of the gulf of alaska. highs going into the low 60s on thursday. depending where this trough sets up, this could determine how
7:53 am
much we see in terms of showers or how low the snow levels will get. right now we're thinking most of the cooler air will spill into the south. scattered showers are a possibility starting thursday into friday. a big drop in temperatures. we're talking highs at least ten to 20 degrees cooler than what we'll be enjoying today. tomorrow evening looks fine. sunset 6:11. as you wait and figure out what time it is to enjoy the kids, things get dark around 6:30 or so. remember the flashlights and some of the bright-colored clothing outside as you head out. 50s and 60s tomorrow evening. the forecast today though, not scary at all. gorgeous temperatures. 70s for most of our inland spots around the bay area. i think we'll get close to 80 in the warmer places inland. san francisco and the coast, you'll see the low clouds, those ghostly cloudy skies approaching
7:54 am
later today. look at the sierra temperatures today. 60s and 70s. by next weekend, we'll see 20s and 30s in the sierra with some snow. halloween looks fine. look out for gusty offshore winds tuesday and wednesday. taste of winter into the start of next weekend. enjoy the gorgeous weather we have today. >> this is the time of year where rob likes to torture me for being a halloweanie. i'm very happy this one is almost 400 miles away in long beach. zombies are invading the city to celebrate halloween. also, to set a world record. thousands of undead paraded the city to try to set a guinness world record for the most zombies on the move at one time. organizers think this one's going to beat the record of 4700 zombies, which was set in seattle. officials for guinness world records were there. they say they have to review all
7:55 am
the of the data before they can say for sure. and a new era begins at nbc news tomorrow night. a new news magazine "rock center" with brian williams, premiers tomorrow night on nbc. some of the top reporters in the business will present the week's top stories in an interesting and a different new way. one report you'll see tomorrow focuses on birth tourism. women coming to this country just to have their baby. >> it says very clearly, come to the united states, have a baby. go home with a baby that has a u.s. passport and social security card. the idea being that baby can come back here and grow up here one day and be a student if the united states. these are wealthy people taking advantage of our system. >> there are many other stories that will be featured tomorrow night as well. once again, it's called "rock center" with brian williams. it premiers tomorrow night at 10:00. before we leave, we want to
7:56 am
check in with the occupy oakland protests. here we are looking live. they are switching their focus from fiscal responsibility and corporate greed to police brutality. they are calling for a general strike on wednesday, one week after a clash between police and activists. by the way, there is a website out there that claims that the mayor is supporting the general strike, but the mayor's office says that website is bogus. if you want official information, the city's official website is again, we are looking live at franco gala plaza where all things are peaceful right now. but it has been a difficult and contentious couple of weeks between the occupy oakland protesters and the city of oakland and oakland police. we are watching this one. we are watching all of the occupy protests around the bay area. we certainly know that lots of other cities are doing so as well because this one seems to heat up and spark just a little
7:57 am
bit. we want to thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. nbc's sunday night football night in america features the dallas cowboys taking on the philadelphia eagles. should be a good one. >> should be. >> we'll watch that at 5:00 here. more local news at 11:00. any time at have a safe halloween and great rest of your weekend. >> you said halloween. i'm ready for halloween. >> have a great rest of the weekend. see you next weekend. ♪
7:58 am
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